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I'm a mother of 3 children and today two of my children started the school year. For them it was apprehension and a big sigh.  Another year ahead. For me it was almost a breather.  A little space cleared for me and my mind is slowly coming to terms with all the things I need to be doing to catch up on my work and lots of jobs I need to complete.  For others the sign that schools have gone back is the increase in traffic all over the roads and the "Go 40" zones back in full for force. 

So here we are at this moment in 2015.  Almost February already. Lets not think about new year's resolutions, but in fact specific things that we want to achieve in this first 6 months.

The whole point of the metimeplease.com shop and blog is to create thoughts and reminders that, unless we find that "me time", would continue to weigh on our minds for months and years. We provide the tools to help you attempt something new, something different and something that makes you grow.

My one bit of advice is to start this first week "catching up" and collecting your thoughts and aspirations for the year. By the end of that first week, after some reflection and maybe daydreaming, you may find that, say, three important things will be clear and top of mind for you to do.

Journal these, cut photos out that remind you of these dreams and then note three steps of what you need to do next in order.  You will find the combination of journaling your thoughts and collecting images that support and remind you of your goals actually make them more realistic and set an increased energy within you that should have you excited to get underway. By June this year, have it in your mind that you are well and truly set up to achieve those goals.  Ask a friend to keep track of you and keep you accountable.  You could just give them a time frame and ask them to call you or remind you.

Also, I would like to add that dreamtime, daydreaming and meditating are all very useful ways of allowing great ideas to flow through you.  If you don't know how to effectively do this contact me and I can try to give you a little advice (click on the 'Feedback & Information' button below).

Wishing you change, growth and an increased joy for your own individual life.


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