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  By Alexandra Andrews  

Each year is a new year.  We start off each year in contemplation of what we would like to achieve or start, or in some cases, change or end.  Some of us write it down and others just feel it. The need comes from wanting something different.

In order to get something different we need to make even the smallest change in our own trajectory.  The smallest change sets you on a different course.

Changes are also made from either a comfort zone wanting to push ourselves to fulfill some life journey or desire and some changes are made from the seat of necessity or fear.

But this year is the year of change. This is Your year. Whether its to do with relationships, work goals or challenges or personal goals you want to achieve this year. 

What’s been tingling inside you?  

2015 for numerologists comes to an 8 year.  Traditionally, 8 is known as the number of power, material and financial gain, achievement, reward, status and satisfaction.  The 8 year vibration will provide the means - the personal power - with which to change the status quo and accomplish a significant goal that will alter the entire direction and quality of your journey. The feeling of inner satisfaction is the ultimate reward of the 8 year.

At the start of all my sessions with my coached clients we do a simple exercise, which indicates which areas need to be worked on, which need to change and which need to be complimented on and acknowledged.

In Samuel S Franklin’s book “The Psychology of Happiness”, he states:  “Happiness is the fulfillment of Human Potential”  We all feel at times that there is something more that we should do or meant to do before we leave our time on earth.  

If I die tomorrow I would like to know that, in whatever way I could, I have helped as many people, including my own family, as I could to realize their own potential, keep the goals real and always moving forward.  The best thing about always moving forward is that sometimes, in moving, the journey presents a path or opportunity that stimulates one's desires even more than the first path that was thought of.  Unless you start you will never know or see that opportunity ahead.  For some, giving up too soon because of challenges is a disappointment, and attainment of the goal may have been just around the corner.  If it feels right doing it, then keep going.  Try to always base your decisions on that feeling space instead of the mind. 

A great way of realizing the difference in decision making between the mind's space and the feeling space is to meditate. Stop the mind, relax, take a zen break or whatever you want to call it.  It doesn’t have to be long or intense.  The New Year is a great time to play with this.

Write down a question that you would like some guidance on.  Place it to the side.  Then start to meditate.  For those that are not sure where to start, just try this very simple guide.  I personally like to do it to my favourite meditation music. Sitting with quiet classical music is also great. Music fills the space that 'thoughts' may creep into.

Sit either on the floor or a chair.  Best sitting up (I've tried the lying down way but it's too tempting to fall asleep!).  Sit straight but be relaxed at the same time. Just feel the feeling of sitting in a shower of white light pouring over your head and down and around your body.  The bright white light is cleansing and clearing all energy that is not yours.  Its a really nice feeling.  Keep doing visualising this for as long as you feel that you need to.  Sometimes it's quick and other times it takes a lot longer.  Then just sit and focus on your breathing.  The breathe in should be deep, slow and long without effort and the out breathe should be the same.  Keeping the rhythm of the in breathe and the out breathe.  Keep focusing on the sound that the in breathe and out breathe makes within your ear space. In and out.  If any thoughts sneak in, don’t judge them just observe and let go knowing that you can come back to them at any time.  keep going for as long as you can.  Even if you start with 5 minutes and work up.

Each time you meditate or quieten your mind you re-set your energy, adrenaline to neutral.  A lot of people feel (as I do) that it keeps you young.

After you mediate you may want to re-look at your question.  Does any clarity pop up around it?  If not that’s good too.  Just trust that it will come and keep on practicing.

One of my clients finds it hard to make the time to mediate so we have taught him a pausing meditation which will do the same thing for him.  He does this before meetings etc..  He finds that he has more clarity and authenticity.

Once you start meditating you open yourself up to your own intuition.  It’s amazing what happens and how you feel and situations that open up to you.

There are many other ways to STOP and clear your mind.  Even having a bath in salt flakes with relaxing music on and following the breathing practice will do the trick.

I love to do some inspirational cards that I have which I swear gives me inspiration and great food for thought in what I may be contemplating. I love them so much I stock them here;

Another approach that many people are finding great results with is the use of a "visionboard".  This is a culmination of photos that reflect what you want.  Once you choose your photos reflect on the feeling you have imagining you have them already.  The more time you can get into this feeling of "having" it already, the more you'll feel your energy change.  We sell visionboards and journals; this one is my favourite here.

So....... 2015 is going to be a brilliant year in some significant way for each of us. Where and when are you going to start? 

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